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Eating – it’s my hobby

Lufthansa Meal

I was pondering the question – what hobbies do I have and what actually qualifies as one. A hobby tends to be something you spend a fairly, regular amount of your past time with. Typically something like riding a horse, playing racquetball, knitting socks for your family or building dog houses. If I go and look at the time I spend every week doing certain tasks sleeping, working, eating, sport and television, sports and are the top five. What really qualifies as my hobby (next to sports) is eating. I love it – exploring flavor, texture, temperature, color, and smell of food is something exciting and thrilling. The sort of sensation that creeps up your spine when you bite into something new, you haven’t tasted yet. The warm pleasure you get from eating something at your moms which reminds you of growing up. Even the disgust you feel when you bite into something bitter and slimey, that reeks horribly. All this you can experience within the comfort of your own home. For all the socially fearful “Cocooners” this must be the perfect way to experience a small thrill. But the real thrill is going out, because the atmosphere of the place you decide to have a meal at, can make or break the food you’re having, comparable to music in a movie (Country music and Vertigo ?). Best way to experience this, is eating – anything – in an airplane, especially meat. . It looks like shit, and the privilege of a bit more leg room with terrible food an multi $1000s price tag. A great example of a horrible way to eat. I want to share my personal experiences with eating out, wherever I might be with whomever is interested.