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Restaurant Muesmatt, Bern

Suure Nierli nach Grossmutter Art mit Butterroeschti

Suure Leberli nach Grossmutter Art mit Butterroeschti

The restaurant Muesmatt lies in the Laenggasse Quartier in Bern. Two lunch menus plus a weekly hit is on offer. I opted for the sour liver with roeschti. The rather average menu salad which consisted of beets, corn, courgettes and frisee green salad was normal, strange was the unknown spice which was added to the courgette salad. The main course was a disappointment. The liver was overcooked (left lying in a pan too long) and tasted strange. Hell, I’ve eaten better cold livers in Chinatown in New York! Why in Bern is the “Butterroeschti” called that way ? “Anke” (Swiss german for butter) is the correct word. Anyway – food was okay  at the most, service was mediocre – I had the feeling the waitress would rather be doing something else for a living. Sitting outside in the garden is nice, but the horrible floor takes a bit away from this. Spotted a nice looking restaurant just round the corner – the “Zebra” something to try out later on. Price was very decent – 19.30 CHF for Salad, liver and 3dl of sparkling mineral water.

Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 19 August 2008

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