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Restaurant Blausee, Blausee (Lötschberg)

Geräucherte Forellenfilet auf Salat und lauwarmen Gemüse

Blausee Bratwürste mit Kartoffelgurkensalat und hausgemachtem Senf

The Blausee (blue lake) is a beautiful nature park in the Loetschberg Region ( It sports an organic trout farm, a restaurant and a hotel. After visiting the trout farm we decided to go for lunch in the restaurant. A bit strange was our table for six, two of us were actually given a swanky couch to sit on. But even at my personal height of 1.84 meters, mutiple pillows were needed to see eye to eye to the person sitting across of me. I decided to go for the smoked trout, with lukewarm vegetables on a salad bed sprinkled with horseradish as a starter. The trout was delicious, salty and nicely smoked. Salad was normal, but the lukewarm vegetables was to much fuss for such a simple dish, it doesn’t belong there. The main dish was disappointing. I confess having commited a cardinal sin – I should have stuck to fish in a fish speciality restaurant. I opted for the Blausee bratwurst with a potato-cucumber salad and homemade mustard. Delighted to see this on the menu and waiting for it with great anticipation, I was disappointed. The bratwurst were very mild and not inspiring much of the rustic taste I had anticipated. The homemade mustard was too sweet and vinegary, you get a better one at McDonalds. But the biggest turn off was the salad, cucumbers and potatos go great, but the cucumbers must be sliced thinly. This adds an interesting texture to the potato salad and counterbalances the hefty potatoes. Sprinkling the potato salad with big chunks of cucumbers, leaves me to believe that a lazy cook was present in the kitchen. Especially horrid was the sauce, instead of using a lighter vinaigrette / broth based approach, the salad was smothered with something on the base of the homemade mustard. Nice view from the restaurant on the Blausee, but stick to fish.

Appetizer, main course and 5dl of sparkling mineral water cost 50.90 CHF, a rather above average price.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 20 August 2008

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