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Brasserie Baergengraben, Bern

Steak Tartare, Toast, Pommes Allumettes

The Brasserie Baerengraben is located just across the tourist attraction with the same name in Bern. We got a table for six, due to us reserving just 30 minutes in advance, only inside. The outside terrace is beautiful, even if a bit cramped.

The menu is great brasserie food. We were a tad hesitant after checking out the website, but the real menu is considerably larger than the one online.

As a starter I had a mixed salad, which was server in a separate bowl, with frisee salad, croutons, bacon, half an egg and a cherry tomato. The dressing was too oily and there was too much acid present. Too bad, the ingredients looked so mouthwatering.

The steak tartare and the pommes allumette were excellent. A word of caution, often if you your steak tartare hot, it will be sort of spicy at it’s best. An oversupply of testosterone of our dining group (6 men all in currently in the army and lacking any quality time with females) led to me ordering it like the rest, “extra-hot”. The Brasserie Baerengraben is obviously a place, where a hot tartare is hot and the extra hot almost over the top. We skipped dessert (had other plans), but the profiterole I peeked at in the dessert shelf looked enticing. Over all a good meal at a nice place, m yneighbours roasted beef didn’t score as high, since it was a bit chewy.

Mixed Salad, Steak Tartare, 3dl Beer, 1dl Wine (Epesses) cost 50 CHF

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 August 2008

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