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Restaurant Innere Enge, Bern

Berner Märit Salat

Berner Märit Salat

Opposite the Japanese Embassy in Bern, the lovely restaurant Innere Enge (and Jazzclub) can be found. I opted for a classic the Bern Market Salad which was a lovely combination of fresh salads, bacon, crouton, eggs, tomatoes and some dried, thin crispy beet chips. As a main dish I went for the chopped, sauteed veal liver with vegetables and roeschti. A generous amount of butter really rounded the dish of quite nicely. Dessert was an artery clogger, creme brulee with ice cream and meringue – no idea what possessed me, it was horrible. The app and main were excellent, service so-so. We felt left alone and the waiter had about as much drive and ambition as a flat tire.

Price is unknown, since I was invited to this lunch.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 August 2008
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  1. 08/22/2008

    Du solltest mehr in der Mensa essen gehen 😉


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