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Veranda, Bern



Lamm Gigot mit Bulgur

Lamm Gigot mit Bulgur

For lunch we went to a swank little place called Veranda, the interior of the restaurant is a bit like an upperclass IKEA shop. Lot’s of wood in an otherwise beautiful place. It seems to draw a bit more upon affluent, environmentally conscious women, than your average male food conaisseur. If your looking for a rich and fun widow to date, this definitely seems the place to be. The menu is very concise during lunch time, something which I value greatly. We had a pumpkin soup, a small salad, lamb with bulgur and peppermint. The pumpkin soup was tasty and spicy (a hint of curry was present, maybe even some saffron) but not thick enough, the consistency was too watery. The main course was a small disappointment. The lamb itself was spot on, but the whole junk around it, really affected the dish. Sauce, almonds and apricots were added to the beautiful lamb. Whomever dreamt up the idea of sprinkling apricot on a piece of lamb, should find himself in a new job acquiring fresh members of the Blue Cross at the next Botellon. I wasn’t crazy about the Bulgur either, the mint killed it and it was lacking salt. Eating the Bulgur felt comparable to smoking a menthol cigarette.

Zitronen Tiramisu

Zitronen Tiramisu

Desert was a lemon tiramisu, which looked and smelled great. It tasted quiet good, but it got tiring very quickly. The reason lies in it’s heaviness. Too much mascarpone and not enough airy fluffiness. Very unfortunate, because I liked the concept of the dish.

Value for money is great! 32.70 CHF for salad, soup, mains, dessert and a 3dl Coke, the menu without dessert and coke was 21 CHF.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 25 August 2008

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