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Restaurant Zebra, Bern



Steak vom Bio Säuli mit Gnocchi und Gemüse

Steak vom Bio Säuli mit Gnocchi und Gemüse

The Restaurant Zebra in Bern has a unique selling point, a wonderful garden. There is gravel on the ground and a whole set of beautiful trees giving shade to the complete garden. The place was buzzing for lunch, no tables were available without a reservation, so call ahead if you feel like eating there.

The menu is concise and displayed on a wall. Certainly convenient for the staff, but a pain trying to read it from across the garden. Printing the menu out and propping it onto the table isn’t that much work… We kicked our meal off with a menu salad, nothing special. Main Course was great, excellent price, spot on for lunch. This was one of the best pork steaks I’ve had, crunchy and caramelized exterior, wet and soft center. The Gnocchi were actually homemade, you could feel the love of a big fat italian mamma coming at you through this plate. The Marsala sauce went nicely with the Gnocchi. The only bad part were the vegetables, they looked very nice, but like a photoshopped bikini babe in Playboy, they fell short on a closeup and personal inspection. Underseasoned, overcooked.

Salad, Steak with Gnocchi, 2x 3dl Cokes put me out 26.10 CHF. Great place for a summer lunch, decent prices.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 August 2008

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