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Bio Peppe (Takeaway), Bern

Tortellini mit Proscuitto und Panna

Tortellini mit Proscuitto und Panna

How bad can it get ? We grabbed lunch at a nice little place in Bern, the Bio Peppe Takeaway, which sells Sandwiches, Pasta and Italian specialities. I had a look at the pasta on offer and decided to go for the Tortellini a panna e proscuitto (Tortellini with cream and ham). It was horrible. I can only imagine that it was bought at the outlet from the main meal supplier of the Russian Army located in Novosibirsk. There was no love, let alone flavor or texture in that meal. The prepackaged dish was cooked in what looked like a fancy microwave. He did add some fresh ground pepper to it, but sprinkling dog poo with gold, doesn’t turn it into a fashionable accessory either. The tortellini were either searing hot or frozen cold, the sauce was thin and tasteless, all in all a horrible meal.
Takeaway dish and 5dl sparkling mineral water – CHF 11.50. Too expensive, since there was no quality. I wonder, why I bother ….

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 28 August 2008

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