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Burger King, Sihlcity, Zurich

Big King und Onion Rings

Big King und Onion Rings

I spent a whopping 10.40 CHF at the Burger King, a typical case of needing it right here and now and thus dropping all better judgement. The Onion rings were carbo-hydro-nitro-something, the onion tast and the salt got lost somewhere in between the factory in Kentucky and the arrival port in Rotterdam. Onion rings are junk food, but they could be made in a tasty way. The burger was like a bad Big Mac. It lacked something tomatoey and the buns weren’t toasted sufficiently. There’s some strange sauce in here and the meat doesn’t taste like proper hamburger meat. The worst part is always when you have a small appetite and walk past a burger place, some chemical in the food is hitting your nose and suddenly you have this huge urge to eat a cheap burger. 5 minutes later you feel a bit sick. I’m sure the guys which designed my cigarettes and pimped them so that I can’t quit, are now working for the junk food industry and are ensuring that people feel the same way I do when walking past a burger joint.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 30 August 2008

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