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Restaurant Buescion, Zürich

Piatti di Carne misto grande

Piatti di Carne misto grande

Piatti di Carne misto grande

Insalata / Minestrone

Piatti di Carne misto grande

Ragu / Gnocchi

Büscion / Buescion is a lovely place which just opened up on one of the busiest streets in Zurich (Weststrasse). It calls itself a Osteria e vino ticineso, thus offering specialities from the italian speaking part of Switzerland. I’m guessing this is an owner run place, by someone who is venturing into the restaurant business for the first time. A very lovely and charming lady, Gabriella welcomed us in the place. She was extremly sweet and you could feel that she really cares about food from the Ticino and is determined to show her passion to her guests. Service isn’t perfect, but it’s honest and with love, something which I value very highly in such a “terroir” restaurant. I certainly prefer it to snotty german waiters in the Park Hyatt, acting about as cuddly as my former drill seargant in the army.

We started our meal off with a plate of cold meats to share between the two of us. I’ve never had “lardo”, which looks like the white part of a strip of bacon (and essentially it is). A lovely taste of fat, meat, salt and herbs fills your nostrils and mouth – I could have done with a second serving… The real relevation is the bread however, rustic, simple, delicious. We shared an perfect tomato & white bean salad, it’s summer and the tomatoes tasted liked it. The minestrone was too bland and not thick enough. Even though the vegetables were perfect, hand cut, the pasta in the minestrone was spot on, but I guess this is the difference in tastes between men and women. Men like a bit more powerful flavors (more salt, pepper, herbs) than women. First main a ragu with a tomato sauce flavored by salsicche, was lackin a bit of a more powerful sausage taste. The homemade Gnocchi (as usual not as firm as the factory ones) again very subtle flavors, but I had to grate some more cheese on them. I also though they where so delicate, that I got fed up with them very quickly. The perfect ending was the dessert of the day – a light crema di lemon with grappa, the truly perfect ending to a good meal. I will be back and I’m looking forward to it – details on prices, see here:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 30 August 2008

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