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Glogge-Egge (Restaurant Glockenhof), Zürich

Zwiebelsuppe mit Brotcroutons


Bratwurst mit Rösti

Bratwurst mit Rösti

The Glogge-Egge is part of the Glockenhof Restaurant and Hotel, positioned as a bar with a small selection of things to eat. I like tables in the shade on busy sidewalk and that was just what I got. Menu was very small a couple of salads, some swiss classics that’s it.

As my first meal out of bed after a night at the Langstrassefest I needed some fluids. I opted for an espresso, a coke and an orange juice. Espresso was more of a small coffee and the orange juice was neither fresh nor chilled. I ordered the soup of the day (onion soup with bread croutons) and Bratwurst with onion sauce and roeschti. The onion soup was strange, I liked the taste but I’m not convinced that it was a fresh soup, the onions were fresh though, but too soggy. It lacked cheese, I really would have liked to see some cheese on the onion soup and the croutons were very normal. The real disappointment was the bratwurst and the röschti. Quite simply put, the bratwurst was dry, there wasn’t enough onion sauce on the plate and the röschti was horible . It reminded me of the roeschti I had in the army, the add 3 liters of hot water and let the freeze dried potates. I’m guessing the cook was out on Sunday and the dishwasher was cooking or even worse, the restaurant decides to cook with prepackaged convenience food. Prices see below:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 1 September 2008

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