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Don Weber, Zürich

Choriza Quesadilla

Choriza Quesadilla

Fajitas de Pollo

Fajitas de Pollo

I kind of felt like mexican food tonight and decided to go to Don Weber, the oldest mexican place in town. They’ve moved round the corner (used to be where Studer’s restaurant is now, read right here the article on blog) to the Heinrichstrasse. We ordered a Chorizo Quesadilla and Chicken Fajitas. Our waitress had a blue L, like the training drivers on her purse, nevertheless she was very friendly and took good care of us.
The Quesadilla was okay, the turn off were the decorative pieces of carrots which obviuosly had been lying around for at least a day, which were sprinkled around the plate. The Fajitas where strange. The plate with the sauces looked okay, save that the salad was obviuosly not fresh (and prepackaged) and the cheese was an industrial one. The main filling of the Fajitas was a bit awful, dry and completely overcooked chicken in the bottom of the pan topped with a mix of tomatoes, carrots, zuchinis and other vegetables. Why wasn’t the chicken spiced and mixed with the sauce ? Serving chicken like that, is like smoking at the gas station, a sure way to put a dent in someones business…

I won’t be back for Chicken Fajitas anytime soon – price was a bit on the pricey side:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 3 September 2008

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