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Ciccio’s Ristorante Bar Pizzeria, Brunaupark, Zurich



Fegato alla veneziana mit Rösti

Fegato alla veneziana mit Rösti

We headed for a quick lunch to the Pizzeria at the Brunau Park. A not so lovely place, but okay for lunch. The bread is actually small pizza dough squares, something which I hate, since it’s not real bread and tends to be rather hard in the middle. I’m still unsure why many restaurants decide to offer this. The menu salad was less than stellar, obviously a bag was opened from the Migros next door and some industrial ready-made “italian” sauce poured over it. Sometime I’m keen to make stupid mistakes. Given the choice of Röschti or Risotto, in the italian restaurant I opted for Roeschti. That’s like ordering Pizza instead of Chicken Massala at the local Indian place… Oh well, the sauce on the liver was okay, the liver was mostly okay (some of the bits had a weird mushy texture) and the roeschti was nothing to come back for. I should have eaten at the canteen that day. Anyway 60 CHF for 3dl Rivella, 5dl sparkling water, 2x liver mains and 2x menu salad. Is a bit expensive for lunch.

Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 September 2008

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