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Restaurant Riviera, Langstrasse, Zürich

Zuppa pavese

Zuppa pavese

Papardelle Monalisa

Papardelle Monalisa

Gnocchi burro e salvia

Gnocchi burro e salvia

Now at least I know why the Riviera in the Kreis 5 on Langstrasse was empty when we entered at 18:45 for a quick dinner. The quality of the food is abysmal. In my opinion the menu is way too big. Why don’t they offer some pizzas, 5 decent appetizers, 5 main courses, 5 desserts with one of each of the five rotating every week. Quality would go up. We kicked our meal off with a Zuppa Pavese. I might as well have cooked up Knorr Flädli Soup, fished out the Flädlis, dropped some cut up toast into it and topped it up with an egg. The broth was weak and the bread bland. I can’t comment on an egg, but then again, who messes up an egg ? And where was the cheese ?

We continued with some Papardelle Monalisa (porcini, oliveoil and cherry tomatoes) and Gnocchi with butter and salvia (Salbei). My colleague with his Gnocchi just commented that if he buys them at Migros and cooks it himself the Gnocchi are better (and he’s a single man who lived with his parents until he was 31……). The Parpadelle were a farce, obviously bought in, and tasteless porcini. The cherry tomatoes were okay, but in summer they’re tasty anway. The thing which really turned me off was that the food was only lukewarm and the plate was cold. Come on – even McDonald’s across the street can get me hot food.

Price was 79 CHF for 2 soups, Gnocchi, Papardelle, 2 3dl beers and 2 espressi.

Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 September 2008

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