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Hotel Mamma, undisclosed location, invitation only

Salat mit Radieschen und Champignons

Salat mit Radieschen und Champignons

Fleischvögel mit Kartoffelstock

Fleischvögel mit Kartoffelstock

Recession, Inflation, collapsing financial institutions and a couple of less than stellar performing UBS shares in my portfolio have led me to seek cheaper ways of dining out. I opted for a plan which had already been in use for roughly the first 20 years of my live, I invited myself to dinner at my Mom’s. Customer service is friendlier than almost all Zurich institutions and like my father, I don’t have to do any dishes. The menu selection is quite straightforward I receive an Email and was able to choose between Hamburger and Fleischvogel (literally meat birds, comparable to the italian Involtini). I opted for the Fleischvogel.
Mom started me off with a green salad with mushrooms and radishes, with her homemade sauce after the recipe from the former Grand Hotel Alpina in Gstaad. The salad is tasty and good, but I’m never a great fan of plain lettuce, it’s always too limpy, I prefer a crunchier green.
The Fleischvogel were a revelation. Homemade, tasty and tender meat wrapped around some bacon, bread crust and a pickle, fixed with a toothpick in a tomato sauce served with Stocki. Stocki is a ready-made mashed potatoes, which I used to prefer over homemade one, simply because it was lumpfree. Plus I got three helpings at no extra charge, I’ll definitely be back. The meal was great, the only downside is the elder gentleman sitting in the corner talking about someone’s behavioural antics at a younger age, but the food makes this mild irritation bearable.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 September 2008

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