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Restaurant Schützenruh, Zürich

Gemischter Salat

Gemischter Salat

Zuchetti Picata mit Safranrisottot

Zuchetti Picata mit Safranrisottot

Saturday is my favorite day, you get up late do some shopping and cleaning up and then you head for a nice lunch. The restaurant Schuetzenruh is a really rustic swiss place near the Albisgüetli. It has a lovely garden and serves swiss food. Since I’ve already tried half the menu I opted for a vegetarian dish. A mixed salad to get started followed by a picata courgette with safron risotto and one of those well-loved warm half tomatoes. Salad isn’t worth discussing, it was normal. The picata courgette was really nice, it lacked a bit of salt but otherwise was cooked nicely, the light batter let you still taste the courgette, an excellent veggie dish. The risotto tasted like it came straight out of the Knorr Risotto “Just-add-water-and-shake” package. It was dry, lacking any creaming consistency and tasted strange. I will be back, since prices are very fair (check bill), the garden is nice and a large part of the dishes are good standard swiss fare.



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 September 2008

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