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Restaurant Fähnlibrunnen, Küsnacht

Zanderfischchnusperli mit Salat und Melone

Zanderfischchnusperli mit Salat und Melone

On my way to soccer again, I stopped in Küsnacht and decided to grab a bite at the Restaurant Fähnlibrunnen. I was tempted to go into the Steinburg on the other side of the street, but it doesn’t give you the impression of being the place for a 45 minute dinner. Not much was going on in the Fähnlibrunnen about a dozen people were there. There was a tartare menu provided by the swiss butchers association, comparable to the prefabricated dessert menus so I decided to stay away from that. Looking over the menu, the prices looked rather expensive for sort of a “normal” restaurant just off the road. I settled on pick-perch in batter with salad and melon. It was a truly great meal. The batter was very light and tender, not your typical fried fish sloppy cover and cooked to perfection. A lovely bowl of sauce remoulade was served on the side. I also liked that there were two different types of green salads an the plate, including lamb’s lettuce (Nüsslisalat) each dressed with their own sauce. The melon was fresh and sweet, and had a nice, ripe aroma. The only real turnoff was the cherry on top of the lemon. Who thinks of things like that ? Anyway, I’ll be back it’s well worth the price (check picture), just don’t expect a cheap meal for a family of four at a local watering hole, even if it looks like that from the outside.



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 10 September 2008

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