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Restaurant Mare Nostrum, Zürich

Reis mit Gemüse

Reis mit Gemüse

Seezunge mit Sardellen

Seezunge mit Sardellen



Mare Nostrum is an italian-spanish place located just next to the Cemetry Sihlfeld. I’ve heard good things about it and we gave it a go. Place was less than half full on a thursday night, the big advantage for us being, we could choose where to sit. The menu is rather large, tapas, pasta, pizza, meat, fish – ideal for large groups, where everyone wants something different. I chose some Albondigas, the waiter was beaming at me when he brought them to our table saying that they were a house speciality. They were unusal, a bit mushy, with a strong dark meat sauce. I prefer the spicier type with tomato sauce, at least a bit more herbs would have been nice. My coeater opted for a sole with anchovies and made the smart move of the evening, he decided against the rice and decided for just vegetables as a side dish and he really like his meal. The combination of sole with anchovies was surprisingly good and sumptious. I wasn’t too keen on the Zarzuela. It was a very classic style of preparation, but the octopus was much too chewy and the clams a bit tasteless, fish was okay. The real turn off was the rice, it was horrible. Chewy and overcooked, drenched in olive oil, no idea what the cook was doing. Anyway it’s an owner run family place and as such all the staff where very friendly and we felt relaxed and comfortable, still wasn’t truly convinced of the food. If I ever head back, I’ll skip the rice and choose and go for something off the italian part of the menu. I was invited so I can’t comment on the price.

Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 13 September 2008

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