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Mezzo Ristorante Pizzeria, Binz, Zurich

Gnocchi alla sorrentina

Gnocchi alla sorrentina



We grabbed lunch at a place with white tablecloths, the Mezzo Ristorante Pizzeria in one of the blandest parts of Zurich, called Binz. Having lunch outside of Mezzo however is great, you can watch the railroad crossing gates open and close as the Uetliberg bahn drives by. Funny thing was, that by chance the train broke down for a couple of minutes and watching the agitated drivers in the car was fun.

There are three lunch menus (vegetarian, meat and special) but I opted to choose something from the menu. There’s a section called Pasta fatte in casa, which I guess means “Fat Pasta in da house” and is the battle cry of urban italian hip hopper. I opted for Gnocchi alla sorentina, which is Gnocchi with a tomato sauce and cream. The dish looked okay and tasted the same. I’m sure that my dining colleague from Riviera would get it done the same way. The cheese on top of it was nice, I’m not totally convinced that those Gnocchis were homemade and the sauce was normal. Nothing to complain but it didn’t keep me from watching the Uetlibergbahn, no excitement. Maybe I should have tried a pizza – since Radio 24 says they have some of the best in town, but then again why should I trust a hyperactive disc jockey playing Tokio Hotel in the middle of the afternoon.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 15 September 2008
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  1. 11/25/2008
    Duncan Bowers

    I’ve always found the food here better than average. The pizzas really are very nice, with a good selection. An imaginative speciality of the house is their Spaghetti Inferno – Chicken pieces with spaghetti and a nice creamy slightly spicy slightly curry flavour sauce. Lovely. You always get good portions here and usually good service. The only drawback as ever is that the n0n-smoking ‘section’ is just the row next to the smokers, just without ashtrays on the table..


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