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Restaurant Zurlinden, Zürich

Lamm Gigot mit Waldpilzen und Bärlauchspätzli

Lamm Gigot mit Waldpilzen und Bärlauchspätzli



Rico Zöbeli “Food Designer” is mentioned on the business card dropped of with the bill. I asked what the gentleman’s profession was, since a food designer could also be coming up with a savory Pork McNuggets creation, but I was reassured that he is one of the cooks at the Zurlinden restaurant. Zurlinden dubbs itself with the slogan “ecological pleasure”. Most of the items on the menu are in compliance with the Gout Mieux Label. Opening the menu I found this to be exactly the type of restaurant I like. The menu is changed every month, there are 5 apps, 7 mains and 4 desserts. Which is a reassuring contrast to all the places trying to offer 135 dishes at she same time. Most of the wines are bio-dynamic, I think that means that drinking them after sundown gives you a better buzz. Anyway they had Gruener Veltliner, which is my current favorite wine. I chose the mussels (moules) with white wine and onions as a starter. They weren’t the best I’ve ever had but they were good. I wouldn’t have minded some carrots in the broth, but that’s a small detail. I liked the big and large selection of breads which were offered, that’s the way to go, not something cut up and kept in a plastic wrapper. The service was a bit slow, they’ve only got 26 places but pampering them all at the same time can be stressful. The female chef de service was very competent, the waiter very young. He probably is attending Hotel Management school and has been sent off for a traineeship. He’s nice but much too friendly “Thank you so much for being at our restaurant tonight, it was my true, honest and unforgettable pleasure of serving you, do have a wonderful and totally enjoyable evening” – you get the idea. I chose lamb gigot roast with forest mushrooms and homemade spaetzle. It was delicious, the spaetzle were made with baerlauch, the sauce was rich and full of lovely mushrooms and porcini – a true winner, after I let the sauce thicken a couple of minutes on the serving rechaud on my table. For dessert I had a chocolate mousse, okay – but my mom does a better one. All in all a great place, a bit noisy, but food is excellent and of high, non fussy quality, what a surprise that this all cooked up by a Food Designer. One gripe, they should allow smoking after 10pm during coffee and drinks. Monetary Details:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 September 2008

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