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Restaurant Eisenhof, Zurich

Gemischter Salat

Gemischter Salat

Pferdefilet auf heissem Stein mit Pommes Frites

Pferdefilet auf heissem Stein mit Pommes Frites

It’s a man’s world, is what Andre Rieu used to play on his fiddle. And if you’re looking for a real place to go, check out the Eisenhof just off Langstrasse in Zurich’s Kreis 5. Opposite of the dreadful Maison Blunt (which would be a lovely place, if it weren’t full of Germans trying to steal your newspaper on sunday mornings) is a real place for men. The lovely waitress is showing way to much cleavage for men in a comitted relationship, but then again, I’m only here for the food. The place is famous for meat on a hot rock, the choice being filet of beef or horse. I opted for the horse with a mixed salad in advance. The salad was very raw, it tasted of cut up vegetables and that was it. No love in the sauce or in making the salad. The real killer was the horse fillet on the hot rock. It was fun and animalistic, to be cutting the meat and watching it sear and sizzle. What a great thing to do! The meat was tender, juicy and nicely flavoured. Three sauces were served with the meat, they were actually superflous, since the meat didn’t need them. The french fries have to be mentioned as well. They were perfect – crunchy, potatoey, fresh and soft in the center, someone really puts a lot of effort into them and this with good reason. Two thumbs up, take your mates for a great meal. Fillet of horse 31.50 CHF, Fillet of beef 31.50 CHF, large beer 5.50 CHF:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 19 September 2008

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