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Berner Da Noi, Hottingerplatz, Zurich

Getoastetes Zopfbrot mit Schinken und zwei Spiegeleier

Getoastetes Zopfbrot mit Schinken und zwei Spiegeleier

So it’s Saturday and it’s raining what better thing to do than grab a nice breakfast at noon time. I’ve meant to go to the Berner Da Noi a couple of times, but unfortunately they are closed on Sundays. It’s sort of a weird mix between a trendy and a family place. Not so trendy and a bit more on the family side, since they have a no smoking policy. Anway the name is rumantsch for Chez Nous, my first impression was that it was a fancy Vietnamese place, but I was wrong. They make a great breakfast. I opted for toasted Zopf (the traditional soft bread served on Sundays in Switzerland) with ham and 2 fried eggs sunny side up on top. Toasting Zopf was a novelty for me and I loved it. There’s not much you can screw up with bread, ham and eggs and they didn’t. The truly amazing part was the Zopf, which is supplied from the bakery Berner just two houses down the road. Excellent place for grabbing breakfast, the only thing I don’t get is, why someone would have a bar in a non-smoking establishment, a short look around the place showed, that I wasn’t the only one not grasping the concept. Still probably a very good place if you have children. Even big one’s since the Ovomaltine is excellent. Financials:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 21 September 2008
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  1. 10/27/2008

    Schade, gab’s diesen «Berner»-Ableger zu unserer Schulzeit noch nicht! 😉


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