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Restaurant Volkshaus, Helvetiaplatz, Zurich



Salsice mit mediterranem Kartoffelsalat

Salsice mit mediterranem Kartoffelsalat

Finally, a new and good looking bar in Zurich. Walking into the Volkshaus, with its high ceiling and spacious bar area, will give you the impression that you’re entering sort of a lobby of a days-gone-by grand hotel, if it weren’t for the horrible pipes with cheap lights on the ceiling. The other drawback is, that the bar doesn’t have enough seating capability. In the restaurant I got a table for one right away and was seated in a booth like corner. I opted for the duck terrine and ordered salsice with a mediterranean potato salad. The duck terine was acommpanied by 2 stalks of chive an incredible iffy and stupid thing to me. The terrine was okay, I thought that the consistency of it was too chunky, and it was almost a meal on its own. The disappointmend was the salsice dish. The sausage was quite nice, even though I prefer a sausage with more cohesion and salsice’s tend to be a bit mushy. The real disgrace was the mediterranean potato salad. It was a normal, mayonaise drenched potato salad, sprinkled with some green stuff and a twig of cherry tomatoes. That’s like telling me that Brigitte Nielsen is a hot young chick after her complete surgical makeover, I’m not buying it. The whole concotion was accompanied by a brown sauce, whose taste I couldn’t identify. I asked the waiter, he didn’t know either and just told me he believes it was brown gravy. Normally I’d expect him to check back instead of just telling me something. Anyway, nice vibrant place, food so-so, prices decent:



Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 25 September 2008

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