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Cocktail Bar, Banhof Enge, Zurich



Teller Zar Peter


Just across the Bahnhof Enge is a small place called Cocktail Bar. At least a name where one cannot make any wrong assumptions. I’m guessing the owner, a very bond lady, is russian and as such the place offers a couple of typical russian dishes, which I came to sample. Hot food is only available during lunch and after 19:00, so I met up with a friend in this place on a monday. It seemed rather empty, but it allowed us to drink at one table and dine at the next. I had a borscht and the plate of the Czar. What strikes me a bit strange that they also offer swiss specialities such as sausage cheese salad on their menu. The borscht was filled with a nice big helping of sour cream. All in all I found the borscht lacking taste and I didn’t like the way the sour cream shed. I felt that this borscht would not warm me up on guard’s duty of a nuclear testing facility in middle of the russian winter. The Czar’s plate was a mixture of Pelemi and Wareniki, essentially two types of dumplings. They were okay, but nothing to get all excited about. I thought they could do with more salt and some more excitement in the filling. I will try russian cuisine again, but in the cocktail bar I’ll stick to Wodka. Even though we only had beers this time:


Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 28 September 2008

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