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Restaurant Alpenrose, Limmatstrasse, Zurich

Malfatti mit Trüffel vom Uetliberg

Malfatti mit Trüffel vom Uetliberg

Kalbsbraten mit Rieslingsauce

Kalbsbraten mit Rieslingsauce

I did debate with myself for a long time, wether I want one of my favorite places to appear in here or not. But then I’m also subject to a phenomenom which I’ve seen so many times. The more often you visit a place, the quicker the novelty wears of and you start seeing the faults and deficiencies. Kind of like the three-week relationship, you so desparately try to find an easy way out on the telephone….
I think the Alpenrose has peaked and quality has gone down. It’s a very modern and rustic swiss restaurant, filled with kitsch of days long gone by. Most of its food is purely organic soul food with a twist, sometimes even the farmer’s name is on the menu (swiss german language skills is an advantage) declaring where the happy pig has been raised. I had malfatti with truffles from the Uetliberg (hill in Zurich). I was wondering where on the Uetliberg you can find truffles and the only place that came in mind was the Uto Kulm restaurant…. They were nice. I liked the creamy sauce, I liked the malfatti, which were soft and big, but I didn’t taste much truffle and the portion was too small. The veal roast I had was accompanied by a very sour sauce (riesling based) and spaetzle. The spaetzle were okay at best (not fried) and the veal was overcooked with the riesling sauce being too sour. A small disappointment and I’m afraid that the Alpenrose is in danger of becoming a typical Zurich place – who cares about the food if we’re sold out almost every evening ? Price of the malfatti, veal, mineral water, 2dl wine and an espresso came to 75 CHF

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 September 2008

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