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Restaurant Equinoxe, Carouge, Geneva

Salade et Foie Gras

Salade et Fois Gras

Agneau a la tapanade

Agneau a la tapanade

Tarte tatin

Tarte tatin

Carouge, a village right next to Geneva, is reachable by tram from the main station in about 10 minutes. It has a very italian, rustic feeling to it, completely opposed from the rest of the Geneva. Just off the tram station “Armes” is a place called Equinoxe. Now Geneva is much more dirty and run down than the swiss cities towards the east of the country. It’s more shabby chic, than sleek chic, but the Genevois are rather a left-winged lot and like a good bit of patina. So standing in front of Equinoxe, I’m not quite sure what I was to expect. It’s a small cafe-like interior with the menu written on the walls. No idea why smoking indoors was banned in Geneva, I’m guessing the owner is no fan either, since he’s running out of the door every 30 minutes to restack some tables and grab a cigarette. I had foie gras on a salad mesclun and lamb a la tapanade, followed up with a tarte tatin. The salad was served with strawberries, green apples, sprouts, grapes almonds and of course foie gras. It was a delicious experience combining different pieces of food with each other and tasting the different flavors and textures coming together in my mouth. The lamb was served in a light batter, vegetables, a potato-pumpkin mash and some sauce in a separate glass came along as well. The lamb was overcooked – but the vegetables and the mash were a great combination. Especally the sweetness of the pumpkin gave it a lovely twist. The apple on top of the tarte tatin were nice and together with the cold and sweet vanilla ice cream, this combination is always a winner. I’m used to prices in Zurich and I almost had a shock when I got the bill. It was cheap, where do you get an espresso for three swiss francs or a salad mesclun as an appetizer for six ?



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 2 October 2008

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