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Restaurant La Perche, Yvoire, France

Salade savoyarde

Salade savoyarde

Filets de perche avec sauce tomate et olive

Filets de perche avec sauce tomate et olive

Taking the boat from Nyon you can reach Yvoire, which is part of the association of the most beautiful villages of france, in rougly 20 minutes. If you’ve only ridden boats on the lake of Zurich, this will feel like a cruise on the Atlantic to you. There’s two major restaurant, just as you come off the pier – but they look too much like a place the rotary club would have their yearly reception, so we headed into the vilage to find a nicer place. We landed in the Restaurant La Perche, which seats about 30 persons. Next to the fillets de perche in all kind of variants, also menus are offered where all courses are served on a single tray. The salade savoyarde sounded nice so I chose that as my appetizer. The salad contained greens, tomatoes, eggs, bacon, cheese, and red cabbage. I didn’t feel the love of making the salad, it was just tossed into the bowl and that was it. Also it was lacking enough sauce, so that it a salad but more of a mixture of individual separate components. The main course was good – you could feel an excellent chef behind it – fillet de perche with tomato and olive sauce. Real olives (with a pick in the centre), nice flavour with the tomatoes and the perche, very nice. The real killer however was the potato mash in the centre of the place. It might be clogging some arteries but the amount of butter, the bits of not quite mashed potatoes – that was very close to perfection. At the end of the day a decent meal in a very french atmosphere. We ended up paying roughly 35 Euros per person, including wine and coffee

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 October 2008

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