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Cafe Martel, Carouge, Geneva





Just off the market place in Carouge, there’s a cafe / bakery Martel which is opened on Sundays. I really like being able to choose among all kind of nice tasty pastries (sweet and salty) and then eat them right next door in the tea room. I am in danger of commiting the sin of gluttony on a regular basis, so this is my personal heaven. I chose a small crusty croissant with butter, two canapes with crab meat, a meat pastetry, a mocca eclair, a chocolate eclair, a cheese pastry (I asked for a chäschüechli, but actually it’s called ramequin) and a millefeuille. Nothing to complain about a breakfast of this magnitude and I was feeling very good about myself. The only thing which really got me stinking mad, was the dog which was in the cafe. This is something which pisses me incredbily off about my countrymen in Geneva, their blind, ridiculous love for dogs. I like animals, cooked in a tasty sauce on my table – otherwise animals do not belong in restaurants, market places, grocery stores, butchers, etc. Price was 40 CHF, for Ovomaltine, espressso, coffee, 5 sweet and 5 salty pastries

Categories: Brunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 6 October 2008
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  1. 03/31/2012
    subhi Abeed

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am looking for coffee shop franchise is it available on Martel coffee shop?

    +41 779234277

    • 03/31/2012

      I’m not affiliated with Martel coffee shop – I think you need to reach out to them directly.


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