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Aargauerhof, Hohlstrasse, Zurich



The Aargauerhof used to be a real rough place at the corner of Lang- and Hohlstrasse. You’d show up and get a table between the alcoholics and the junkies. Every couple of minutes the waitress (more of a very strict matron) would walk over to a table, wake up the junkie which had fallen asleep and throw him out the door. Why would you go there? Because the roeschti was the best I ever had. The cook would make it fresh every time and you’d have to wait. After you’d been served he’d show back up in the dining room smoking a big fat stinking cigar. The good old days are no more and the Aargauerhof has been turned into a shinier place. There’s still a small section for the alcoholics at the bar, but the place draws more to chic Kreis 4 clientele than your person in unstable living conditions with substance abuse issues.

We had a small dinner my friend opted for the salad bowl “Veronique” – need I comment the name ? I opted for a pork steak. The size of it was phenomenal for the price I paid. It was a tad dry but otherwise tasty and well-cooked, a real bargain. As a side dish I opted for spinach, which was made fresh and went surprisingly well with the pork. None of the food was stellar or worthy of any Michelin stars, but it’s good and at a decent price:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 October 2008

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