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The Spice Gourmet, Bahnhof Enge, Zurich

Assorted Indian

Assorted Indian

Assorted Indian

Assorted Indian

The Spice Gourmet is a strange place, just a 100 meters away from Banhof Enge towards Wollishofen. From the outside it looks like a mixture between a gallery and a restaurant. It’s a very intimate place, since you get the feeling you’re sitting in someone’s dining room. There are only three tables (one 8-top and two 4-tops) and different parties will be seated at all tables. While people like Peter Rothenbühler think this is great since this leads to a totally new culture of communication, others might not be so thrilled. People who go to lunch with their boss’ assistant and their ex-girlfriends best friend just happens to sit down across from them, tend not to be so thrilled by this mix and match system. Lunch is a 25 CHF all you can eat affair. The amount of dishes to choose from is limited, but their quality is quite nice. I really liked a fritter which consisted of chick peas (Kichererbsen) and had nice satisfying taste. The salad wasn’t a huge turn-on, especially not the french salad sauce which was served with it. The main dishes were lentils, vegetables, chicken and fish, all of them distinctive indian, but not necessarily something I will remember for a long time. But there’s one thing you need to be aware of – walking out of the place you and especially your clothes will stink, like you’ve worked in an indian kitchen for the last 10 hours. Don’t schedule meetings in the afternoon. Price with 30 CHF for mineral water and buffet is good.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 10 October 2008

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