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Restaurant Johanniter, Niederdorf, Zurich

Hirsch Cordon-bleu

Hirsch Cordon-bleu

The Johanniter is an institution in Zurich. It’s a place which has been around forever and it caters mainly to smokers, drinkers and staunch supporters of good old swiss food. Smoke-aged wood and a big bronze vat make up the decor of this place. There’s also a club upstairs (dancing) but it caters more to the more mature clubber which likes german folk music. Prices are very fair, food is decent and wait for it, it’s being served until 3:30 am. So the next time you stumble out of a bar in Niederdorf and want to grab a Kebab before going to Graebli Bar, head over to Johanniter for Leberli mit Röschti for CHF 13.90. It’s tastier, more fun and just as cheap. Since it’s still game season I opted for a venison Cordon bleu, filled with Appenzellerkäse and Prosciutto Crudo. I was quite surprised, I’ve never had a venison Cordon bleu and wouldn’t have expected to find something like this in the Johanniter. In all honesty – the large amount of alcohol before, during and after the meal somewhat clouded my tasting capabilities. But I had a great night, it certainly wasn’t bad and at the price of CHF 29.80 quite. This is an honest place, you’ll meet Tourists, Expats and the same lot of swiss people year after year sitting at the Bar – eg. Kari and Nemo, the guy who’s always looking for someone to buy him a beer.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 12 October 2008

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