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Gertrudhof, Gertrudstrasse, Zurich

Cordon bleu "Mir isch es glich"

Cordon bleu

The Gertrudhof is another one of the dark and not so certain what to expect swiss local eateries. Sporting around 30 seats and a expatfree, no non-swiss clientele you get the idea of the type of place this is. Their claim to fame are Cordon bleus with different types of filling. If you call in advance you can order one with a whopping total weight of 1.7 kg and the filling of your choice – a maximum of three people are allowed to participate in this rite of carnivorous passage. We ordered normal sized Cordon bleus (there’s also the option of getting a small one). I had one called “Mir-isch-es-glich”, filled with cheese, spicy tomatoes, onions, garlic and bacon. I was skeptical before starting to eat, but it tasted great – you know that satisfying feeling of biting into a Kebab and well knowing people around you will smell it for the next couple of days ? That’s what you feel when digging into one of these Cordon bleus. Asides from that it also tasted great – strong, dominant flavours but well seasoned and they all worked well together. You shouldn’t mind cigarette smoke and be able to at least read german to find your way around here.

Prices were okay – neither cheap nor expensive – 30 CHF for the Cordon bleu.

Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 October 2008

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