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Restaurant Pergola, Pflanzschulstrasse, Zürich

Sepia Pergola

Sepia Pergola

Rindsfilet mit Gemüse

Rindsfilet mit Gemüse

Have you ever stood in front of the menu posted outside and wondered whether to go in or not? Certainly – but have you ever been approached by people sitting in the restaurant who got up to tell you that you really have to eat here because the food is great ? It so happened at the Pergola . It felt warm and welcoming when coming in and we were greeted in a friendly manner. The interior looks like a restaurant you’d see on Columbo, but it adds to the charme. I ordered Sepia Pergola (cuttlefish) which was served in a small pan, slighlty spicy with garlic and was a decent starter. I’d have preferred a bit more lemon juice and a bit more spice, but at least the Sepia was cooked right. What really got me drooling was my main course. The vegetables were nice – but not the center of my personal attention – it was the filet of beef I had ordered. It was served in a separate metal and very hot pan. Again I see my bypass operation coming closer because the amount of butter in which it was cooked was incredible and it tasted fantastic. Juicy and red in the center, in the sizzling butter – that’s the way to serve meat.
The guys from Peter Luger should take a lesson here and learn that there are other ways to prepare meat than just burning it. Pergola is a great neighborhood eatery, prices are not cheap – but decent for the food:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 18 October 2008

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