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Kings Kurry (South India), Birmensdorferstrasse, Zurich





King’s Kurry South India is a place on Birmensdorferstrasse, between Schmiede Wiedikon and Goldbrunnenplatz. The main King’s Kurry is just across from Bahnhof Wiedikon and apparently they’ve decided to expand. With the influx of Indian IT guys and British expats in Zurich Indian places are becoming more popular. King’s Kurry is one of the best. So I thought it was fun to try out this new South Indian variant. Place was a bit empty, but that is probably due to the fact that I was there before the official opening party. In general I’m very picky about Indian and not too keen on all the flavors. I started with a Pokora, a lovely fritter – better than Spice Gourmet – which was served with two sauces. To get a good overview of the food I followed up with a non-vegetarian Thali platter. Essentially this is rice, bread, papadam and six bowls of sauce, vegetables and meat. The chicken and the carrots were lovely, the rest okay – just not really matching what I like. They have a wine selection and the waiter was trying hard to sell us a bottle, we preferred the Indian beer brewed in conjunction with a Swiss brewery. High quality Indian food at ok prices, I guessing they’ll have a working cash register by now:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 October 2008
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  1. 10/29/2008

    Dear Real Picky Gourmet,

    Thanks for the kind words (and beautifully lit photos).
    Glad you enjoyed the food, despite our not-yet-open state!

    Sadly our cash-register was destroyed by a thief getting lost from the Langstrasse and breaking in… and who said Zürich was boring?

    The insurance has yet to reimburse us but we hope to have the register back soon.

    best regards,

  2. 11/3/2008

    I never paid much attention to that restaurant, as it was changeing its name and owner frequently. But as the reviews of the new “South India” are so far good, I have to go there one day.

  3. 11/4/2008

    Agreed – I liked the vietnamese place “Orchidee” which was located there about two years ago. Still South India has good food and is certainly a safe bet.

  4. 02/16/2010

    So sad that Kings Kurry South India has closed its doors. I miss the Nilgiri Lamb and the Aubergine Curry dearly…


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