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Rössli Erlenbach (Casa Manuel), Seestrasse, Erlenbach

Kalbsschnitzel mit Zitronensauce

Kalbsschnitzel mit Zitronensauce

In Erlenbach on the Seestrasse there’s the Casa Manuel or Rössli Erlenbach as it used to be called. Some places you walk into and you right away feel you’ve made a mistake. Shyness and the fear of appearing uncourteous prevented me from turning around, so I smile and ask to eat something. The place is a dump. A bunch of locals crowd around the round table and I go about reading the menu. I chose a veal cutlet with lemon sauce and tagliatelle. Now lemon sauce and veal scallops should create for an interesting balance between the sour and creamy sauce components and the light veal. But if the sauce is so sour that your brain cringes, the subtlety of the flavors tend to vanish. Just looking at the menu, the place does everything, pasta, pizza, spanish dishes and some swiss stuff as well. Some concentration on his strengths would do this place really good. I won’t be back. Finances:



Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 October 2008

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