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Restaurant Brunegg, Brunaustrasse, Zurich

Avocado mit Crevetten und Kräuterquark

Avocado mit Crevetten und Kräuterquark

Rindsfilet mit Steinpilzen

Rindsfilet mit Steinpilzen

Brunegg is located in a corner building in a nice spot between Enge and Wollishofen. It’s on a quiet street with nice old houses around it. I got the impression that this used to be a normal neighborhood eatery and has been upscaled in terms of food and interior by the current owners. Brunegg makes a sleek impression when walking in, the very modern part being that it is a smokefree restaurant, where smokers have to go outside to grab a cigarette. I’m guessing the regular drinkers are not frequenting the establishment anymore. A small menu with only a few dishes plus a special is offered every day and we had some issues deciding. I asked the waitress where the shrimp are from, she went to check in the kitchen and came back telling us they’re from Denmark. Which is okay in my book. So I had a half an avocado with shrimp and herb curd (Kraueterquark) as an appetizer. I’m not such a big fan of herb curd, because most of the time it’s a bit bland, the one at Brunegg was no exception. But what really must be noted is the excellent and perfectly ripened avocado. The main course was a filet of beef with porcini. The beef was cooked “a point”, exactly the way I like it. With fresh porcini this combination is always a winner and this one was no exception. Brunegg is an excellent little restaurant with quality food and quality prices, which seems great for a business lunch or a nice dinner:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 3 November 2008

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