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Restaurant Freihof, Badenerstrasse, Zurich



Grüner Salat

Grüner Salat

Saucisson mit Lauchgemüse

Saucisson mit Lauchgemüse

Sometimes wandering around a city you end up in places you’d normally never enter. I was unsure wether to check out Singapore or Turbinenhalle and somehow decided to go for the Freihof, which is between the two places. A little sign on the front announces their banana cream which they’re doing as a special this night…. cute. Walking into the place I immediatly notice that note a single patron is in favor of smoking bans in public places. I sit down at table and have a look around. Everyone is holding a small piece of paper and sitting in groups of fours at different tables. I just walked into a Jass tournament. To make things more interesting the Freihof also features a Kegelbahn. The Freihof not only feels but also looks like it’s 1973. The menu is handwritten and the contents are swiss traditional. I went for a green salad (boring, bland readymade sauce) and the saucisson with leeks and potatoes, a real swiss classic. Since it was a classic and matched the restaurants extravagant theme I was hoping for a real killer. But I was disappointed, the leeks were overcooked and the sauce strange tasting. The saucission was okay and so were the potatoes. I’m not planning on going back to the Freihof unless I want to win the once-a-month Jass tournament or want to show a friend a strange place. At least the prices where very good, almost like 1993. I had to pay 20 CHF for the dinner excluding drinks.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 3 November 2008

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