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Brasserie Seefeld, Horneggstrasse 15, Zurich

Ravioli mit Kalbfleisch, Salbei und Butter

Ravioli mit Kalbfleisch, Salbei und Butter



The Brasserie Seefeld is a place which is really buzzing. Seldom have I seen a restaurant which turns so many tables twice a night. The restaurant is a very classic italian place and tends to be frequented by the more affluent Zurich residents. The status of the Brasserie calls for a reservation, you could be out of luck on a busy night and since nobody knows me I can’t pull any stunts telling people I’m a world class restaurant critic to coerce them into getting me a table. Keeping that in mind I called ahead and actually got a table the same day. The Brasseries Seefeld focuses on fresh italian food. There’s always a selection of fish which if you’re interested are presented at your table for you to choose. The place makes their own pasta and this is what I decided upon as a starter. I had some homemade ravioli filled with veal and on a butter and salvia sauce. I really felt the fat italian mamma making them for her favorite son, except that it probably was a skinny commis in the kitchen. We followed up with a Mistrchratzerli which was served in two portions. Again no major complaints (I still like Emilios better) side dishes were good. In a nutshell you can’t make any mistakes with having dinner at the Brasserie Seefeld, if you go for the pasta, it becomes a smart choice. Prices are at the upper end the classic meal for two males – aperitif, appetizer, main course, coffee, spirits and a bottle of wine came to 223 CHF.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 November 2008
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  1. 02/27/2009

    i appriciate your critic but just for your information at Emilio’s you pay
    54.-sfr. for the Chicken.
    The cook in Brasserie Seefeld is not a commis he is the boss and he works very hard.

    • 02/27/2009

      But boss or not, he certainly isn’t a fat mamma 🙂


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