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Zentraleck, Zentralstrasse, Zurich

Tomaten Mozzarella Salat mit Steinpilzmousse

Tomaten Mozzarella Salat mit Steinpilzmousse

Rehgeschnetzeltes mit Wild und Gemüse

Rehgeschnetzeltes mit Wild und Gemüse

First the bad news – the Zentraleck is closing end of November and it is unclear if the current crew is doing something new or not. The guys from Stef’s are moving to the current location of the Zentraleck. So now is the time to check this place out…. Knowing of the looming closedown I’ve scheduled a couple of lunches here. The Zentraleck during lunch has roughly 3-4 dishes which you can read off the menu on the wall and a special which the waiter will tell you. One of the waiters is a top sommelier and knows his way around wines. So a good idea is to take his advice on the recommended wines for a meal. Keeping that in mind if you do not have a meeting in the afternoon, a digestiv from the large selection is a nice way to go back to the office with a small buzz. I had a tomato mozzarella salad with a porcini mousse. Now I’ve never ordered a tomato mozzarella salad in a restaurant before, simply because I’m not too fond of uncooked tomatoes. But remembering a good experience I’ve had with tomatoes here before – I gave it a go. The salad was perfect, rich and intense tomatoes (in October….) and a nice, creamy and dense buffalo mozzarella. Topped with a porcini mousse which was light and airy yet still had a distince porcini flavor this appetizer made me happy. The main course was a nice wild doe with some sauce and grapes accompanied by vegetables and spaetzle. It was nice but not sensational – the light crisp on the spaetzle was a lovely touch. All in all, most of the time you get sensational food at prices which are a bit more ambitious, but match the quality:



Posted by therealpickygourmet on 6 November 2008

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