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Restaurant Popcorn, Goldbrunnenplatz, Zurich

Hamburger Fischcremesuppe

Hamburger Fischcremesuppe

Schnitzel "Hamburger Art" mit Pommes frites und Gemüse

Schnitzel Hamburger Art mit Pommes frites und Gemüse

There’s a real strange looking place just next to the Goldbrunnenplatz called Restaurant Popcorn. It piked my curiosity since it has half a car sticking out wall and I felt liked giving it a try. I’m one of 3 people in the restaurant on a Tuesday lunch at 13:00. There are three menus costing 14, 16 and 18 CHF respectively, including a soup. If you compare this to eating at a McDonalds, where a Big Mac Menu (which won’t keep you going for the day) is going to come to 12 CHF, this sounds like a great deal to me. I was kind of wondering by looking at the menu since it looked very german, even though the place sells itself as a swiss specialities place. I opted for the Schnitzel Hamburg style with vegetables and fries. I was asked wether I want soup as well, which was a creamy fish soup from Hamburg, sounded strange but I gave it a go. A telltale bling comes from the microwave in the kitchen and a very watery clam chowder with a couple of fishbones arrives. No need for further comment. The Schnitzel was two breaded pieces of meat with two eggs sunny side up, accompanied by deep freeze vegetables and fries. The portion was large, the fries were seasoned nicely and the vegetables bland and boring. For 16 CHF exactly what you could expect. I just didnt’ quite get the idea of putting an sunny side up egg on a Schnitzel, that reminded me of a culinary sin. Finances:



Walking out I noticed a sign, which explains all the stange things on the menu:

German specials

German specials

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 November 2008
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  1. 11/14/2008

    Haha, I know exactly where that place is! The car! The name! It’s so too much…I’ve always wanted to know what’s inside, the secret is revealed: german specialties! Finally, now I know where to go with this years company christmas dinner. I think you should start a request list, where people can send you to weird restaurants they don’t want to try themselves.


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