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Restaurant Oscar, Kanzleistrasse, Zurich

Tagliatelle mit Gambas

Tagliatella mit Gambas

Loup de mer

Loup de mer

I called ahead to the Oscar and asked for a table at 12:30 for a Wednesday lunch. The guy on the phone acted quiet surprised at my question and said it was okay. I showed up and to my surprise was the only person in the restaurant, apparently the staff is not used to getting reservations, hence the reaction on the phone. The waitress smiled and told me to sit wherever I’d like. I chose a table in the corner and had the time to admire the interior, red seems to be the chef’s color of choice. A small menu with 5 dishes was given to me. I opted for the Gambas with tagliatelle, which I asked to have as an appetizer and followed up with the loup de mer with tomatoes. In the meantime another two tables filled up, so the restaurant was about a seventh full. The Gambas were served and nothing to complain about them. Noodles al dente, gambas spot on and some nice smooth parsley which went very well together. The loup de mer was a bit different than anticipated, it was billed as being served with spicy tomato cubes. It was accompanied by quartered tomatoes and potatoes. The tomatoes had a seductive sweetness and where a nice match to the fish. The loup de mer too was cooked very nicely and went well with my glass of Gruener Veltliner. Still the tomatoes weren’t cubed and not spicy. Especially if you’re serving off a handwritten and photocopied menu your food should match your description, who knows maybe I have a deadly potato allergy…. Pricewise the place is a bit expensive (even though my Gambas were served at only 10.50 because I wanted it as an appetizer) for lunch, maybe this keeps it from filling up during the midday:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 November 2008
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  1. 01/19/2009
    Eddie & Grace Liu

    Hi Stephan,

    Do you remember us in Williamsburg, Virginia?

    We have heard a lot of good things about you & your restaurant. Congratulations.

    Can you give us yours & Annette’s whereabout, e-mail & phone #s?

    Happy Birthday to Annette!

    Send our warmest regards to you & your family.

    Blessings & love,

    Eddie & Grace

    • 01/19/2009

      Who’s Stephan and who’s Annette ? Is what I’m asking… You’ve got something confused.


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