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Royal Hua Hin, Rotachstrasse (near Goldbrunnenplatz), Zurich

Papadam mit Sweet Chili Sauce

Papadam mit Sweet Chili Sauce

Pad Thai mit Poulet

Pad Thai mit Poulet

Since I’ve started my food critic blog, I’m always surprised to see the amount of restaurants which are obviously not doing tremendously well. Royal Hua Hin poses itself as a bit of an upscale Thai restaurant. The only other table which was occupied on this Sunday night, didn’t send a signal of this being a successful restaurant. We wanted a quick bite and I decided to go for the Pad Thai with chicken. I’m really a fan of noodles and generally this is a great dish. A small appetizer was served, some form of Papadam which were crunchy and tasty. The Pad Thai wasn’t good. It was lacking seasoning, there were no limes or ample peanuts to give it crunch and depth of flavours. Even in a run-of-the-mill Thai place I’d get a better Pad Thai. Financial details:



Categories: Brunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 24 November 2008

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