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Relais de L’Entrecote, Rue du Rhone, Geneva



Entrecote avec frites

Entrecote avec frites



A meatless diet is wrong. To counterbalance the religious zeal with which Vegans advertise their lifestyle I’d like to reiterate some proven facts about meat eaters:

  • Meat eaters have a longer life expectancy
  • Meat eaters protein and B12 intake lead to a silkier skin complexion
  • Meat eaters are more successful in their professional and personal life, since evolution has progressed them to the top of the food chain
  • So I treat myself to meat (preferrably organic) on a daily basis. The Relais de l’Entrecote seemed a great place since the only question I was asked was saignant, à point or bien cuit ? I ordered a medium rare (à point) entrecote. The dining room is extremly busy and the waitresses wearing very classic black and white uniforms are busting their balls to keep up. A small salad with a very classic french salad sauce was placed in front of me and I tucked in. After that the entrecote was served in two helpings. To me it was a disappointment, mainly it was a tad chewy and boring. It was lacking the high quality I’d have expected from a place which is famous for entrecote. The sauce was advertised as special and it was, the amount of tarragon (Estragon) was overwhelming. The fries were so so, again not quite what I’d expected. The best part of the meal was the profiterol, they were filled with vanilla ice cream together with the chocolate sauce it was a great dessert. If you want to get a glimpse of dining like it was in 1935, this is the place to goto. If you’re looking for a decent entrecote, go somewhere else. Prices:



    Posted by therealpickygourmet on 25 November 2008

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