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Restaurant Kerala, Radiostudio, Zurich

Erachi Churul

Erachi Churul

Aadu Masala, Sambar

Aadu Masala, Sambar

Kerala is an indian place, near Bucheggplatz, just next to the Radiostudio tramstation. I’ve yet to meet a really modern and upscale indian restaurant and Kerala is in dire need of a renovation. We sat down, asked for some Papadams (boring) and studied the menu over a couple of Cobra beers. My appetizer were some Erachi Churul which were described as an omelette filled with spicy meat. It was more of a spring roll and the filling was a bit bland and certainly not spicy. The main courses was Kerala Duck Fry, Sambar and Aadu Masala. We were asked wether we’d like the food not spicy, medium, spicy or very spicy. We opted for spicy. My colleague is into very spicy foods, I like it spicy but try to avoid the mouth scorching feeling. For me it was just okay, for him it wasn’t spicy enough. Still I was happy for the beer and Naan to lessen the heat. The Duck with onions wasn’t very special but the Sambar and the Aadu Masala were very nice. What really stood out was the Naan. It was crispy on the bottom and soft on the top, with some spicy paste on top, really a delightful indian bread. We had some Arrack to finish our meal, something I’ll skip the next time.




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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 28 November 2008

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