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Zum Guten Glück, Weststrasse, Zurich

Pfannkuchen mit Rohschinken und Meerrettichschaum

Pfannkuchen mit Rohschinken und Meerrettichschaum

Gemischtes Frühstück

Gemischtes Frühstück

Have you ever missed the times, where you’ve stumbled across a place and it was yours? Never full enough to warrant a reservation, but still sufficently packed to give you the impression it was busy. Zum guten Glueck used to be such a place located on Weststrasse. The influx of immigrants from a bigger country in the north with a government and tax system which encourages drinking beer on your subsidied couch are making these places fewer and fewer. Zum Guten Glück specialises on Crepes, obviously filled with different ingredients. The restaurant is split up into two sections – smoking and non. You place your order at the bar and they’ll serve you your food at your table. I was pleasantly surprised about the prices. I had a nice crepe with proscuitto and horseradish cream, salty and spicy, it went well with the Ovomaltine. I’m not sure what type of milk they used, but it wasn’t the regular UHT low fat, skimmed milk. It was a real nice and creamy milk making it a lovely Ovomaltine. I followed with a breakfast plate, nothing special, except that it was cheap. You get a nice decent breakfast here at low prices. We paid 42 CHF for 2 Crepe, 1 breakfast plate, 1 Ovomaltine, 1 Espresso and a coffee.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 2 December 2008

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