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Chez Brigitte, Gertrudstrasse, Zurich



Linsen mit Milken und Morcheln

Linsen mit Milken und Morcheln



Chez Brigitte on the Gertrudstrasse (between Idaplatz and Lochergut) reminds me of a classic french restaurant. A friendly lady (I presume Brigitte) is sitting at the round table doing some office work and interrupting to welcome every guest. We sit down and inspect the menu. It’s small and the dishes fascinate me. You find real nice classics on the menu, it really reminds me of dining 40 years ago and it feels like a time travel. I chose a Schwartenmagen carpaccio. Schwartenmagen is essentially bits of meat in gelee and served cold. So I got pieces of Schwartenmagen, thinly sliced with a vinaigrette. Nice, very classic and not something you’d find in another restaurant. Main course was lentils with morels and sweetbreads. Nicely cooked lentils in an interesting combination with the morels and sweetbreads, definitely a winner. The pannacotta at the end was okay, again a rather classic dish with no major deficiencies. I liked the place, I liked the “feel at dinner with your grandmother” atmosphere and I liked the dishes. Prices:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 December 2008

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