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Metzgerstübli, Münstergasse, Bern

Kabeljau auf Randencarpacchio mit Chorizo und Kräuterschaum

Kabeljau auf Randencarpacchio mit Chorizo und Kräuterschaum

Rindsfilet mit Kartoffeln

Rindsfilet mit Kartoffeln

The night before the Bundesratswahl, I was at an interesting dinner party at the Metzgerstübli, a two story restaurant on the Münstergasse in Bern. The menu appears rather seasonal and we are warned that there will be a wait since everything is fresh. I opted for a cod on top of beetroot dressed with herb foam and chorizo. I really like chorizo if it’s cooked and the combination with beets and cod was good. The only thing which should have been left out was the herb foam, the yellow eggish color and taste didn’t help the dish. The contrast of the beet root’s with the cod’s texture was nice. A filet of beef followed. One of the biggest debate is how meat should be cooked. I strongly prefer bien cuit or medium over anything else. The filet was cooked to order and accompanied with a nice roast sauce. Potatoes and vegetables were up to par. The only thing which detracted was the greenish pesto sauce on top of the meat. It was cold and didn’t add anything to the dish. The meat would have been better off by just leaving out the pesto. No price information as I was invited.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 10 December 2008

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