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Jambo, Bergstrasse, Uetikon





Casava (Maniok)

Casava (Maniok)

Jambo is a restaurant in Uetikon which specialises on African food. The menu carries all kind of exotic meats and dishes. We headed to the place with a group of four, to ensure we’d be able to taste as much as possible. We were well received by the owner and he clearly demonstrated that he likes to talk. We sat down and we got a lengthy description of the menu and the way it works. Essentially you tick off dishes you’d like on a sheet and hand it over. What really needs to be mentioned is the wine service. He showed up with 3 bottles of white and 4 bottles of red wine, were given 7 glasses to try them all out! We settled on a white and a red which we liked. I must say, being able to taste the different wines before ordering is excellent customer service. We chose different appetizers, and settled for meat from Springbock, Impala, Kudu and Zebra. Not that I would have recognized the tastes but they each have a distinct flavor. My favorite was the Zebra, followed by the Springbock. I wasn’t too fond of the maniok which was served with the meat, it was dubbed “african french fries” but was lacking taste and crispiness. The couscous however was excellent and I’d order it again. The place isn’t cheap, a plate of exotic meat will set you back 45 CHF. Still if you’re looking for exotic meat and tastes, this is the place to be. The only thing missing is an elefant and rhino BBQ special.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 19 December 2008

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