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Restaurant Blockhus, Hechtplatz, Zurich

Tartare, leicht angebraten

Tartare, leicht angebraten

The first time in my life I was ever hit on by a woman was in front of the Restaurant Blockhus near the Hechtplatz. I was about 17 and an attractive woman approached me, said she’d reserved a table at the Blockhus but was stood up by her date and asked me if I’d like to join her for dinner. A good friend of mine  is still buying me drinks today for me  turning down the lady and meeting him at the bar we had agreed upon. So finally more than a decade later I get the chance to eat dinner at this emotionally milestone. The place is packed and we’re told that we’d have to be out by 20:00. It’s quaint, has a lot of wood and makes an interesting appearance. The waiter comes around with some fresh white truffles and asks us to smell them. We were quickly seduced and decided to have some pasta with truffles as an appetizer. The pasta is made fresh on premises. No idea what the name of the noodles were, they were a bit too soft for my taste and again, the truffle taste is stronger in the nose than the mouth. We followed up with a tartare which was slightly cooked. I’d have preferred it a bit spicier but the lightly cooked on the outside, raw on the inside touch to the tartare was a nice twist. Even though the interior is a bit on the tacky side, I’ll be back. Finances:



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 23 December 2008
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  1. 01/1/2009
    Charles Hügli

    The Blockhus is my all-time favourite restaurant in Zurich. Almost every time I go somewhere else, I regret it.


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