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Palace Lifestyle Restaurant, Biel



Foie gras auf Mango

Foie gras auf Mango

Rindsfilet mit Kräuterbutter, Zündholzkartoffeln und Gemüse

Rindsfilet mit Kräuterbutter, Zündholzkartoffeln und Gemüse

The Palace Lifestyle restaurant in Biel is within walking distance of the train station and I really like the name. On a Sunday night Biel doesn’t seem to be a bustling city. The Palace is part brasserie, part restaurant and you can choose where to sit. The amuse bouche was a piece of Schwartenmagen (Sülzli), certainly nothing for vegetarians and that’s why I liked the statement this place was making. Why waste time on lost souls (vegetarians), let’s focus on the real good stuff (meat). My appetizer was some foie gras served on mango slices. The dish wasn’t good, the mango was probably grown in a greenhouse in Poland, sweetness and fragrance were missing. The foie gras was okay, but nothing to get excited about. My main course was a fillet of beef with vegetables and pommes allumettes. Meat was okay, potatoes as well. The only thing which puts me off about this place is, that if you look at the website, they are trying to place themselves as a gourmet restaurant, which it is definetly not. Why would you want to raise expectations to something you can’t keep ? Next time I’ll sample the brasserie food which looked pretty decent. No clue on the prices.

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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 January 2009

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